Fall RV Bucket List

Updated: Sep 9

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn't mean your RV trips are over for the year. As long as the weather in your area allows, there are still plenty of adventures to be had in the fall. From Fall Festivals to seeing the beautiful autumn colors, fall can be an even more enjoyable time of year to travel in your RV.

How Late Can You Camp?

A lot of how long your adventures can last depend on where you live. However, there are a few rules of thumb to follow when deciding if you should take your camper out as the season gets colder. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your Comfort Level How comfortable are you with the weather? Are you willing to bundle up to sit around the fire for warmth? Or are you more of a warm weather fan? With the right clothing and equipment (blankets, fire pit, etc.) you can stay cozy and warm, even down into the 30s. Or maybe you enjoy spending your time in your rig and the weather isn't really a factor!

  • Is Your Rig an All-Season Camper? A lot of campers are built to withstand more extreme temperatures with an enclosed or even heated underbelly. Campers built for more extreme weather will be able to camp longer into cold-weather then those that are not. If you're not sure if your camper is all-season, check near the door--most campers have a sticker if they are.

  • How cold is too cold? Again, it depends on your camper. But, most campers can handle temperatures into the upper 20s overnight without problems--with the heater on and people in the camper keeping it warm, you shouldn't have to worry about pipes freezing. However, unhook any hoses or use a heated hose.

What is there to do?

Fall is a great time to look for Harvest Festivals, find great places to see fall foliage, or visit your favorite campground for a new autumn experience. Who knows, you may end up loving your favorite summer destination even more in the fall!

  • Harvest/Fall Festivals Many campgrounds and State Parks host their own fall festivals right at the campground to attract campers during a slower season. Check your local state park campground websites for event listings. You may be surprised on all they have to offer!

  • Fall Foliage Have you found the best places to see fall colors in your area? Do a local search for the best place to see autumn colors or check out this website.

  • Visit an Orchard Maybe you're lucky enough to live near a pick-your-own orchard. Or maybe a local farm hosts a fall harvest event you can attend. No matter your location, local farms are often teeming with activities during Harvest!

  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch Switch up your regular fall routine and visit the pumpkin patch while you're camping! Stay closer to your favorite patch or discover a new one close to a campground or State Park.

  • Take in Fall Sometimes the best thing to do during the fall season is to soak up a relaxing weekend in the cool fall air. Campground are often less busy in the fall, so it could be the quiet retreat you've been looking for! Take a hike you usually reserve for summer or find a quiet lake to read by!

Are you ready for your own fall adventure? Download our Autumn RV Bucket List here for a Fall season full of fun!

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